Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A New Downtown

Square One has been working with Environmental Science Associates for the past year on visualizations of the new high-rise buildings that comprise the Transit Center District Plan. The plan includes the new Transit Center tower, which will be the tallest in San Francisco, as well as a number of other commercial, residential, and mixed-use towers in the area.

The boundaries of the plan are roughly between Market and Folsom streets, and between Spear and 3rd. These studies compliment our earlier visualizations of the Rincon Hill development plan.

This is from the San Francisco Planning Department press release
The overarching premise of the Transit Center District Plan is to continue the concentration of future growth where it is most responsible and productive to do so from a local and regional perspective--in proximity to San Francisco's greatest concentration of public transit service. The plan balances increased density in the heart of downtown with the principles of good place-making that are essential to maintaining and enhancing the distinctive qualities of downtown San Francisco.

We will be working on this project throughout 2011, and we look forward to posting our visualizations as projects get approved.